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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are Dentos brush heads better than others?

Dentos brush heads are of better quality because they are produced to be as good as possible, not as cheap as possible. We only use the best materials for our brushes and we produce them in a sterile environment to ensure optimal hygiene. For more information and explanation of the quality of our product we kindly refer you to our extensive quality information page.

2. Why are Dentos brush heads so inexpensive?

Firstly, our replacement brushes are produced by us and there are no importers or trade companies that add their margins to the price. Secondly, our customers are generally very satisfied with the product and they inform their friends and family or write on social media and review sites about us. This allows us to save a lot on marketing expenses and keep our sales prices low.

3. Where can I find product and customer reviews?

At the moment there are not many reviews in English yet. Reviews in Dutch can be found here.

4. I have a shop / webshop. Can I sell Dentos brush heads in my store?

Yes, you can. We supply our heads to the largest and the smallest stores and online shops. Please contact us for more information.

5. Do you supply to dental practices / dental professionals?

Yes. We supply our Dentos replacement brushes to a few dozen practices in The Netherlands. They are mostly used for instructional purposes and are given to the patients to take home afterwards. We supply them in retail packs of 2 or 4 pieces, so they can be sold at the counter as well. Dutch Dental professionals can obtain a login and order directly through our Dentos-4-Dentists page. If you located elsewhere, please request a login through the contact form.

6. Are your brushes the lowest priced brushes available

If price is all that matters and quality is not important to you, there are plenty of online sellers that offer a cheaper product. If you do not just want a great price but also great quality and hygiene, then YES, our brush heads are the best value around.

7. A lot of the products sold on the internet are rubbish. How can I be sure that Dentos is any different?

Of course, you will not know for sure until you try them. But we can guarantee that we have done all we can to ensure the highest quality and hygiene standards and that we will do everything we can to offer you the best service. The best measurement of quality is usually the experience of others and those are - almost without exception - very positive. For reviews we would like to refer you to Google (English) or Google (Dutch). Most reviews will be in Dutch but the ratings are universal.

8. Do you offer Dual Clean, Floss Action, Cross Action brush heads as well?

No. Our brush heads have a perfect fit with the Oral-B handles but they are not copies of the Oral-B heads. The Dual Clean, Floss Action and 3D White brush heads all have a very distinct design that is the property of Oral-B and may not be copied. Despite the illegality, such replacement heads are being sold by other parties (online) but we would like to emphasize that sellers that do not mind the law, usually do not mind the quallity and service very much either.

9. Do you carry replacement heads for Philips / SoniCare?

No. We do not currently offer brush heads that fit the Philips SoniCare because the Philips patent is still active and it is therefore legally not allowed. Such replacement heads are being offered by other online sellers but please note that sellers that do not mind the law very much ususally do not mind the quality and service either. As far as we know there is currently no quality alternative replacement head available for Philips / Sonicare.